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Technically ECB is devoted to the processing of fresh poultry slaughtering by products for the Pet food production.
The advanced technology which ECB has adopted for cheap replica watches processing permits the total recuperation of fresh slaughter scraps. This is especially important for the environment: the less waste to eliminate the more ecological.


  37060 Sorga'
Via Sabbioni 14
    24047 Treviglio
Via Calvenzano 10

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Gatteo Proteine 47043 Gatteo
V. Campagnola
(FC) Italia
    The ECB Company is a company that operates in the economic landscape, taking into serious consideration the social and territorial cohesion.
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People make difference

ECB Company always looks for qualified people who want to work and develop their skills with us; people willing to commit themselves to our company to reach our goals.


ECB observatory is an initiative to involve students of primary schools, the aim is to promote information to the territory...