Imagine a human being when you think about ECB Technology. Yes, a human being. A head, a body, arms and legs, a heart. A thinking entity that grows up day by day, that always learns new notions that elaborates with intelligence to generate, produce and invent.

  With intuition ECB watches far away and with farsightedness takes decisions. With the brain it searches and it develops intelligent solutions. The heart is the motor push-button of the company, its motive power, its systems. Arms and legs are all the people who work respecting the intuitions from the mind and using the heart with total involvement.

This is the ECB Technology. And here are the benefits that derive from it.

Quality and Purity

The resulting product of a high technology processing is known as High Digestibility H.D. and LOW ASH, due to its low ash content. The systems operate on low temperature and the obtained poultry meal therefore has a grease residue that is considerably less than the residue values associated with traditional methods. In this way, even the fat obtained is of high quality that is higher than the standards of the market.

Constant standards

The experience and the competence of ECB People joined to the most advanced technology not only guarantee the attainment of the famous ECB Quality but they also guarantee the constant maintenance of such standards. This means relying on the company.

Product innovation

The most important process is undoubtedly the system for the production of H.D. chicken meals, a product specifically studied to meet the nutritional needs of small animals, puppies or kittens and the production of Digest, in various flavors, with an enzymatic process that uses slaughterhouse by-products.

Attention to the environments

In ECB gas, air and water are under tightened surveillance. Less gas consumption is guaranteed from our processing systems, concurs a remarkable energetic saving for the benefit of the exploitation of this precious natural resource. The wasted waters are processed to be made non-polluting.

Every day, the ECB Technology generates, produces, invents