The histor y of ECB is the histor y of People, of Passion, of Feelings.
People of value who have made of their job an authentic passion making ever y effor t to the realization of something which they profoundly love: a sentimental Company.



All began more than forty years a g o a s a b u s i n e s s t h a t w a s thought on an eco friendly fashion in a period when environment matterswerenottakeninto consideration.

ECB was founded in 1966 by an idea of Lorenzo Bergamini which understood that collecting and wasting poultry slaughterhouse by-products was an ethical and satisfying activity.



This first activity was not but enough to satisfy entrepreneurial spirit of the Bergamini brothers. There was something missing so in 1978 what once was destroyed and wasted now it becomes something new, useful and recyclable.
«We aim to be the best not the biggest» Ernesto Cattaneo, adviser for the technology, said. Thanks to him, ECB plant was completely developed and improved. Our top quality product started to be obtained from raw material.

Soon ECB became a reference point in the petfood market.
The founder’s passion for a continuous research for new solutions is their business vocation. «We demand to always be changing» is Lorenzo’s motto. ECB had been one of the leader company in collecting and processing poultry raw material for thirty years, when in 1996 it started to produce high digestibility poultry meal.

This product will be a real success.
In the last years ECB hasn’t rested on its laurels. «Our strength is in the will to reinvest in innovation» Franco says - aware of the real meaning of competition.



Today ECB looks ahead conscious of the moral obligation to create prosperity. The desire to develop high protein products for pet and fish food is the focal point of a healthy
entrepreneurial ethic. This entrepreneurial ethic is deep in the hearts of Lorenzo Bergamini, Ernesto Cattaneo but especially the yang Elisa and Gianmaria Bergamini