Cycling in Veneto

BUTTY-ASD is an Athletic Association affiliated to UDACE and has as its aim the promotion and exercise of the sport of cycling, development and distribution of sports related to the practice of cycling, in an amateur, and amateur racing through the management of all forms of athletic and recreational activities or any other type of motor activity and not likely to promote the knowledge and practice of cycling;

BUTTY ASD do demonstrations and competitions, set up internal training courses and training, achieve any useful initiative to the spread and practice of the sport of cycling;


Project: learn basketball

Also this year 2010, the ECB Company and Blu Basket Treviglio are  working closely in the initiative LEARN BASKETBALL. There are several Primary and Secondary schools of Treviglio and  neighbouring towns which have joined the interesting project.

The ECB COMPANY, through sponsorship of the project, wants to help  develop sporting and athletic values as well as cooperation. To quote the writings of a school which joined last year:

In "Mottini" Primary School Complex in Romano di Lombardia, the  first course of the project "Learn Basketball 2008/09" was achieved. In the Project eight classes, the 3rd, the 4th and 5th participated  with a total of nearly 200 students. For some Boys and Girls, the Project represented the first  experience of the Minibasket Sports Game; for others, the activity  represented the continuation of a "path" that began with great 
curiosity and passion from the previous school year.
The project had its logical conclusion with a Tournament that saw  the Pupils of various Classes challenge one another while divided  into teams, with great participation and with respect to the Rules  and the Adversaries.



  Convention between ECB Company and Treviglio cat shelter

Convention for the granting of free food for cats and for their cooperation in the management of the "cat shelter" in a logic of support animals such as being "sentient".

ECB Company have done in the welfare of dogs and cats, our mission and for this reason, together with the research of the quality of our products, optimization of the production installation and attention to those who work there, we paid interest in ' social commitment.
A conscious choice that we love to guarantee actually paying attention to the community in which the company has added more than 30 years.
Since January of this year 2010, the ECB Company has made available to the town of Treviglio, to provide free food to stray cats that are collected, sterilized and treated at a facility dedicated

The Town Council is engaged on several fronts, not least to find a solution to the problem of stray dogs and the support of animals, such as being "sentient" in order to take all appropriate precautions to ensure their health survival .
Ordinance of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policy of 16 July 2009 "Ordinance contingibile recent and urgent measures to ensure the protection and welfare of pet animals in the application of Articles. 55 and 56 of D. Decree Law of 12 April 2006, No 163 ", published in the Official Gazette No. 2 207 from 7 September 2009.

We hope that close cooperation between the ECB Company and the citizenship, may form a useful service to the community in addition to accurately express the passion of people who daily work in the company and that with their active participation will make feasible useful initiatives such as the ' help from "Friends of the shelters."