For the ECB the Quality is Total. It is part of ECB Philosophy, it is the orientation which is at the base of the company. It has always been within the company itself. A responsibility that we take above all with ourselves and which we are committed maintaining an all fronts every day, all together.

The top total is obtained by working and aiming for the same goals. Everybody and everything taking part in the process.


First is the raw material.
ECB Quality begins right; from the raw materials that comes directly from large slaughterhouses . The careful selection and the constantlyguaranteed freshness of all raw materials employed are monitored by quick, temperature-controlled transportation systems. When in the plant, the raw material is analyzed chemically and microbiologically in order to identify the correct type of processing to carry out. Controls cross check.


All the processes happen in continuous cycle systems that guarantee the product’s sanitary conditions as far as bacteria
is concerned. But for the ECB Quality this is not sufficient. The raw materials are subjected to chemical and microbiological tests in order to check the product and identify the type of processing that needs to be carried out. A systematic series of analysis to reveal information of fundamental importance for the quality: proteins, ashes, grease but also measure the impurity, the humidity, the nitrogen TVN and the free acidity. In addition to the scrupulous execution of granulometric and digestibility analyses, the meals also require microbiological tests.

For top quality, our customers have always selected ECB Products; the constant control generates affidability. Ethic and the respect.

We have said that for ECB the Quality is Total: being total means that everything must be top quality. There are precise and rigorous business politicy for ECB People, the environment and the laws. Because we want to maintain all these ECB features to guarantee Top Quality always, the maximum ethical integrity which distinguishes us.

Company, history, technology, quality. Here the ECB Philosophy