Arriving from a road, right after a roundabout, the street which brings you to ECB extends towards a thriving and industrious countryside, typical of the Lower Bergamo region. It is the environment with its vegetation and wide open spaces that – in this parts – is still in command.


It is this Nature that envelops us all around and invites us to a complete and conscious respect in its regards. A respect which comes from the heart. Therefore do not let yourself be deceived by the definition of industry. ECB positions itself in the territory with a precise and severe ecological policy for reasons which are high above mere normatives.
We say: It is a matter of the heart.

It is our love for this territory that has seen a dream born, a hope, a big successful story.
So, do not be surprised if you notice that the Company is perfectly inserted in the rural context and do not wonder if, in these parts, the prevailing green continues to be the dominant color.

Technically ECB is devoted to the processing of fresh poultry slaughtering by products for the Pet food production.
The advanced technology which ECB has adopted for processing permits the total recuperation of fresh slaughter scraps. This is especially important for the environment: the less waste to eliminate the more ecological.
Actually our products are more than plain raw materials for processing wet and dry petfood (for dog and cat petfood).
Well-known petfood brands rely on ECB for its excellent production of technologically innovative and high quality.
ECB Products: poultry meal and poultry fat are suitable to obtain a series of final products which are top quality as far as their proteins content, low ash and high digestibility are concerned.

This is the ECB product.
This makes the difference.

A difference that you can perceive throughout Europe and all over the world where the ECB leadership has been recognized for its quality, its competence and its constant progress. These three structural characteristics have always distinguished ECB and its strategic choices.